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Written by Raven   

Well, the ecological collapse has begun, and you heard it here first.  The evidence is mounting too fast, and the cautionary voices have been overridden or ignored.

All you have to do is read the newspapers.  Not the editorial pages, just the news that filters through the SCM (state-controlled media - another blog to come).  

The Greenland ice mass is melting faster than expected.  The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is past the point where even if all human activity stopped today, the planet would continue to warm well past any historical norms.  The dead zones and algae blooms are increasing in the oceans.  Excess CO2 is manifesting itself in the increasing acidity of the oceans.  Weather volatility is increasing.  There is more, but that's enough to start.

The impact of our sheer numbers is overwhelming the ability of the planet to cleanse itself.  The impact of our sheer numbers is affecting the ability of other life forms to survive and thrive.  The elasticity of the delicate balance that is our biosphere is stretched and ready to break. 

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