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Trickster has taken on many forms over the millenia. Coyote, Loki, Raven, Bugs Bunny... to name a few. Trickster is a creator, a joker, a truth teller, a story teller, sometimes a culture hero, sometimes malicious, driven as much by curiosity as by greed or desire.

Trickster lives on the boundaries between the worlds, moving in and out of them with ease. Shapeshifter, now one thing, now another, now living, now dead, now living again. How dooooo he do dat?

Wile E. Coyote and Other Sly Trickster Tales Print E-mail
Written by Terri Windling   

Now listen, I'm going to tell you a story. This was back when all the animals were people, before the Human People came. Creator called all them Animal People together and said, "There's going to be a change. New people comin', and you old people got to have new names. You come 'round tomorrow morning, and you can pick your own new names, first ones first until they're gone." And then he goes home to bed. Well that Coyote, he goes back to Mole, his wife, and he's all frettin' now, he's scratchin' and he's thinking hard, and Mole, she's lookin' nervous 'cause there's always trouble close behind when Coyote starts to think. "Mole," he says, "build up that fire, I'm going to stay awake all night. I'm going to be the first in line tomorrow at Creator's door. I'm going to get a strong new name. A better name. A power name. Maybe I'll be Bear," he says. "Or maybe I'll be Salmon. Or maybe I'll be Eagle, and then they'll treat me with respect." So Coyote, he sits down beside that fire and tries to stay awake, but just a little while later he's fast asleep and snoring. Mole lets him sleep. She's thinking if Coyote gets a better name then maybe he'll just up and leave, that mangy, sneaky thing. She waits until the sun is high, and then she goes and wakes him up. Coyote runs right over to Creator, but he's much too late. 

Wile E. Coyote and Other Sly Trickster Tales

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