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It all started with stories. Our crack team of researchers has radiocarbon dated the earliest story ever told, and it dates back to 625,533 BCE. It was, of course, a short story. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the process of dating it, so we can't tell it any more. We can tell you that it wasn't very good, being the first one.

From there, they got longer and more complicated. Stories to heal. Stories to frighten. Stories to entertain. Stories to make us look good. Endless stories. We are all story tellers. Our ancestors were all story tellers. We know a good story when we hear one. We're suckers for a good story, and lots of bad ones too.

The Race to Coso Print E-mail
Written by Steven Foster   
Not so long ago, just the other day in fact, it was decided that there would be another big race between the people. The contestants would start by the ocean over by Hearst's Castle and race once again across the Range of Light to Coso Hot Springs. This time there would be no distinctions made between the ground and sky animals. Birds, insects, animals, and the heavenly bodies could pick either side. Coyote would be the leader of one team and Wolf would lead the other. All agreed ahead of time that the winners would push the losers into the fire at Coso. Mud Hen would be judge and fire tender.
The Race to Coso
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