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Written by Munro Sickafoose   
It goes like this. Creator is starting up Creation, making the Earth, setting the Four Directions to hold up the Sky, creating all those plants and animals, the four-leggeds and the two-leggeds and the winged ones and all that. Things are looking pretty good, so Creator takes a moment or two to rest, smoke a pipe, get a drink. Then Creator notices this DIRECTION lying around. Oops!

A Direction is a pretty powerful thing. Basically you got your Six Directions: the Above and the Below, the East and West, the North and South. That pretty much defines Creation, so having a spare direction around could really cause some trouble if it got into the wrong hands.

So Creator has a knotty problem. What to do with this DIRECTION? Creator starts thinking and thinking, and pretty soon things go quiet as all Creation notices that Creator has a furrow 'bout as wide as the Milky Way in its forehead.

So everything gathers around (except those two-leggeds, they were over there somewhere doing something) and Mole pipes up and asks, "What's wrong?"

Creator explains the problem to them, and now everyone is sitting around with furrowed brows. It's quiet for a long time, and then Mole says, "I know. I'll take that Direction and burrow way down deep in the Earth and hide it so that no thing can misuse it."

Creator thinks about that a second and says," Nope. That's not it."

Then one of the Sea People, Whale, booms out. "Let me take that Direction down deeper than deep to the bottom of the sea where none may find it."

Creator thinks about that a second and says," Nope. That's not it."

Another while goes by and Eagle screams. "I and my brethren will take that Direction and carry high on the Four Winds, passing it one to the other forever, keeping it safe."

Creator thinks about that a second and says," Nope. That's not it."

The silence stretches on for a long time. Finally Deer speaks. "Creator, perhaps the Deer may run with it, swift and strong, so that no one may catch it."

Creator thinks about that a second and says," Nope. That's not it, either." Then it really is silent for a long, long time. No one stirs. No one makes a noise, as they watch Creator think.

Then at last, Creator moves. Creator places that Seventh Direction on a Stone. Creator picks up another Stone and raises it high, and that Stone comes smashing down and that Direction shatters into a bazillion gazillion pieces that go flying everywhere. (And that Stone was red hot afterwards, which is why we heat those Stones up for the lodge..)

One of those pieces lodges in the heart of everything. Every blade of grass, every creepy crawly, every bird, every animal, every stone, every tree, every speck of dust and star and drop of water. Even the heart of every two-legged, but since they were over there (somewhere) (doing something) a lot of them weren't looking, so a bunch of them weren't aware of it. But I'm telling you now, so no more excuses, eh?

Then Creator says, "That Direction leads to Me. Anytime any part of Creation needs me, all they have to do is look in their heart, follow that Direction and they'll find me. Any questions?"

No one has. Coyote looks like he wants to say something, but he keeps his mouth shut. So Creator goes back to unfolding Creation, and everything goes about their businesses and life goes on like that still.

That is why there are as many roads to Creator as there are things and beings in Creation. There's a piece of that Direction stuck in the heart of everything and everyone.

Any questions?


Copyright © 1999 Munro Sickafoose

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