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Got crazy spirit stories or poetry, coyote art, madonna art, or commentary? I welcome all letters, submissions of (especially!) ART, STORIES, POETRY, ESSAYS, bon mots, sayings, quotes, notes, and musings of all kinds.*

Send them to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

* Note: Your stories, art, etc. are yours. Copyrights will be posted, and links to you, your site, or whatever will be provided, as long as you reciprocate with Coyote Madonna. This is a place for the crazy spirit stories that need telling and can't be told anywhere else. And personally, I think that any of us should be so lucky that a story of ours became a myth, its origins lost, the author merely anonymous...

Coyote Madonna does not accept articles or submissions promoting your book, product, system of belief or knowledge. Self-help, New Age woo-woo, mainline Xtian in particular. This site is secular, irreverent, and focuses on the collision of the ancient and the modern through the vehicles of Coyote and Madonna.
Get wild, get out there, and we'll take a look.

Special thanks to:
Susan Maida: for the love, for the patience, for being Madonna to my Coyote.
Terri Windling: for the title, for the art, for the words, and most of all for the friendship.
Mark Wagner: Spirit Bro! Need I say mo?