What Crow Would Say to the Dalai Lama
Written by Stephen Raskin   


Do you come to this bloated madhouse,
this bedlam
to offer us palliatives
or do you come here
to help us
break out of the asylum


So become a crow, Your Holiness
that's right, become a crow

Make noise,
make noise and wake the inmates of this
vast corporate paradise

Flap your wings,
flap your wings and startle
the warden

Strike with your beak,
for sure, strike with your beak,
and warn of danger
warn of danger

That's what I have to say 


"What Crow Would Say To The Dalai Lama" first appeared in ADBUSTERS, March-April 2006, and appears here by permission of the author.
written by Artemis, April 11, 2008

I couldn't help but think of this blog post,, after attending the Seeds of Compassion conference in Seattle today (http://seedsofcompassion.org/).

I also wrote a couple of reflections on the experience, here: http://artemisian42.livejournal.com/34186.html

and here: http://artemisian42.livejournal.com/34313.html

p.s. - I came across this site because of a sweat lodge at Songaia/Journeys. Much gratitude!! :-) namaste

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