Written by Mel Vandergrif   
Coyote, trickster, little mystery,
 I plead for balance!
Wrap me in enchanted mist-
Watch over this endeavor
Teach me tricks, ease my woes
 assist my mind in seeing the path.
Dust me with the essence of your magic;
And allow my growth to manifest!

Blessing and prayer offered
My mind filled with thoughts
I let it go
I watched it  soar
High it floated out of sight
invisible to my eye


physical law still prevails
I knew it was
still out there
so I sometimes wonder
where it did eventually go
and also about those things
it passed along the way
Did someone else need this lesson?
And was my letting go
A needed gift?
Will my sharing be the magic
That will allow another letting go?

Coyote Magic, curious boomerang
whose hands is it in today

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